Our professionals

PRH professionals are experts in the process of personal accompaniment. They are specialized and qualified in the areas of the growth of persons, of couples and group life, of enterprises or organizations. 

They have lived through all the phases of the training and worked on themselves in order to integrate the vision of persons and their growth using the PRH method. The process of acquiring professional competency goes hand in hand with personal development, by fostering progress in knowing how to be and knowing how to do, which gives a specific color to our School of education. 

Every PRH Professional commits to respecting the code of their profession and the PRH values. 

They are involved in on-going training through pedagogical accompaniment as well as professional supervision, and participate in several annual encounters. 

PRH-International offers training to professionals on 5 continents and approves their curriculum. The professionals, starting from their initial training, live this international dimension of our school. 

The volunteers

These are persons who experienced the benefits of PRH training and wish to become implicated in a consistent manner with PRH at the local and/or international level. 

They take on the responsibility of collaborating to the PRH mission in complementarity with the professionals. 

According to their capacities and their interest, they live their collaboration and contribute precious support.  They pursue their training in reference to their growth priorities and commitments in their lives. 

They are involved in PRH promotion, event planning, visibility through social networks and through their testimonies; they collaborate in translations, institutional marketing and publicity, seek out financial contributions in order to foster the participation of persons having low incomes… these are a few of their contributions. 

Endorsed for PRH Helping Relationship

These are PRH benevolents who discover their capacity for active listening. They have committed to personal methodical training and become specialized in the accompaniment of the first steps of person’s growth and development by offering a quality of listening and an apprenticeship in the PRH method.  They are held to the same code of ethics.