Personality and Human Relations is an International School of Training for youths and adults. Our passion is for the growth of persons and for their global development, to enable them to actualize their potential wherever they live.

Since 1970, we’ve worked with persons, couples and organizations who search for happiness and meaning, and this in more than 35 countries and on 5 continents, using a specific method and effective tools.

We are a school which focusses on the person as a pole of transformation of society… persons as members of couples, families or organizations.

We are a school that offers answers to the challenges of today’s world: personalization starting from values and abilities, constructive decision-making, at a personal level, in couples and in groups, respectful and authentic assertiveness, acceptance of diversity and differences, reconstituted families, tension and conflict resolution, sustaining the planet for a viable future for everyone through values which humanize and are constructive.

Our accompaniment focusses on the growth of all that is positive in human beings, in their personal identity as well as in their relational life.