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Privacy policy

PRH values informing users of this website that the personal data that you may share by filling a form, sending an email, or by any other means, will be treated in conformity with the Policy for the Protection of data

Who is responsible for the use of your personal data?

  • Postal address: 11 bis, rue des feuillants – 86000 Poitiers – France
  • Email:
  • Telephone: + 33 5 49 30 14 27

Reasons for the use of you data?

Personal data will be used for the following purposes, according to the reason for which the personal data was shared:

  1. To answer any requests for information or consultations regarding the various services offered by PRH-INTERNATIONAL.
  2. To manage the relationship with the users.
  3. To send commercial communications regarding our services.

For how long will we use your data?

Time limits for keeping the data regarding various situations:

  1. Personal data shared when making a request or a consultation will be kept for as long as necessary to answer these and to consider them permanently closed. Afterwards, they will be kept as a record of the communications, but the user can request that these be deleted, using the contact information located at the beginning of this policy.
  2. Personal data used for the management of the commercial relationship with clients will be kept during the whole time during which the legal relationship will be in force. Once the relationship is ended, as the case may be, the data will be kept for the time required by the applicable law and until the fulfilment of the eventual responsibilities following the execution of the contract.
  3. The data for sending commercial communications of our service will be kept indefinitely, until you indicate you would like their personal data to be removed.

What legitimizes the use of your data

The legal basis for the use of your personal data for the purpose of: answering information or consultations requested by the user, will be the consent of the individual involved for the use of their data, which is indicated by the filling of an authorized form on the PRH-INTERNATIONAL site, and the acceptance of this privacy policy, which may be revoked at any moment. In any case, the authorization to use this data for these purposes is optional and its negation would have no other consequence other than not being able to answer the concrete request the individual made.

The basis for the prospective offer of products and services is the satisfaction of the legitimate interests of the enterprise, which consists in being able to offer our clients the possibility of other services and thus obtain their loyalty. This legitimate interest is recognized in the applicable legal terms (General Rules for the Protection of Data), which expressly allows the use of personal data on this basis, for the purpose of direct marketing. However, we remind you that you have the right to refuse the use of your data, which you can do using any of the means foreseen in this policy.

With whom do we share your data?

Personal data are treated as confidential and will be shared only with the PRH associations of the user’s country.

What are your rights when you share your personal data with us?

Everyone has the right to receive confirmation and to know if we are in the process of using personal data that concerns them, or not. The individuals involved have the right to have access to their personal data, as well as to ask for the modification of inaccurate data, or, eventually, ask that these personal data be deleted, one of the reasons being that the data is no longer necessary, as the purpose for which it was gathered no longer exists.

In the conditions foreseen by General Rules for the Protection of Data, the individuals involved can ask that a limit be placed on the use of their data or on its portability; in such a case, we will keep this data for the exercise of defence of reclamations.

In certain circumstances and for reasons linked to their particular situation, the individuals involved can refuse the use of their data. Whenever you have given your consent for whatever specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw it at any time, without for this affecting the legality of the use of your data based on your consent prior to its withdrawal. In these cases, we will stop using your data, where necessary, we will cease using this data for this specific purpose, except for urgent and legitimate reasons, or for the exercise of defence of reclamations.

All the rights mentioned can be exercised through the means of contact listed at the beginning of this policy.

Regarding any violation of your rights, especially when you have not been satisfied in the exercise of your rights, you can place a complaint with the Agency for the Protection of Data of your country, or with another competent control authority. You can also obtain even more information regarding the rights you have by addressing yourself to these organizations.

The user accepts the use and recording of the data gathered while browsing the Home page, or supplied by the fact of filling some kind of form, as well as the ones stemming from the commercial relationship, in conformity with what was said previously.

When the user provides data from third parties, they assume the responsibility of first informing the said third party of everything foreseen in article 14 of the General Rules for the Protection of Data, according to the conditions established in these regulations.

[1] In the paragraphs of the website through which PRH-International gathers personal data, must include the information clause gathered hereafter. Concretely, the clause must be visible at the time the individual involved fills, with their personal data, the form for obtaining data which is opened by clicking the “Contact” link displayed on the web page.