Our training modalities

In PRH what is important is the person and their development. Therefore, the objective of each different training modality is directed toward your personal growth according to your various interests and needs, your availability and your pace. You will be choosing the training means that best suit your needs and, as you combine these different means, you will experience the synergy between them. You will always choose what is best for you.

Individual training
Individual training consists of a professional, personalized relationship, adapted to your needs.
Group training
Group Training consists of Workshops and Accompaniment Groups.
Training programs
Training programs include: Methodical Personal Training, In-depth Training and PRH Helping Relationship Training.

Individual training

Personal accompaniment 

– You will benefit from the experience of being accompanied in your search for your deepest riches in order to contribute to a more harmonious functioning within you.
– Personal accompaniment consists of a professional, personalized relationship adapted to your needs in order to live your life better.

Group training

a. Workshops and modules– A PRH workshop offers you a guided itinerary to help you explore a chosen theme. In this process you will find the means to make progress for yourself. This is done through simple, practical and specific questions which correspond to your own personal experience.
– In each workshop there are 6 to 15 participants.
– The duration of a workshop is between 6 and 30 hours.
– Workshops are offered on separate or consecutive days, or on weekends.

b. Growth groups

– An accompaniment group enables you, along with other participants, to continue the personal work you have started during a workshop. This keeps your motivation alive and allows you to continue to evolve, improving your daily life and contributing to better relationships with those around you.
– These groups are organised by topic, geographical area and country.
– The experience of the accompaniment group will be life-giving for you. It will extend your relational network and you will have regular contact.
– Accompaniment groups are offered on a monthly basis for approximately nine months.


Training programs

a. Basic program – Personal Methodical Training

– Methodical Personal Training consists of a made to measure program for you to work with growth objectives in a systematic and personalized manner. This ensures an in-depth experience of yourself.
– You can follow the 3-year program individually, or in a group with a PRH professional.

b. In-depth Personal Training Program

– This program consists of a training plan which helps you to commit to activities which correspond to who you truly are and to live your commitments in society with more awareness.
– It enables you to sustain your growth journey using PRH resources to achieve your objectives.

c. PRH Helping Relationship Training Program

– If you wish to train in the PRH Helping Relationship method, this program is for you. It will enable you to actualize your gifts for helping people.
– Within 2 years you will learn how to help others using the PRH method.