if you have certain aspirations, desires and/or worries such as listed below:
Being happy.
– Transforming aspirations into realizable objectives.
Finding interior strength to face obstacles in your life.
Finding meaning in your life.
Learning to decide well.
– Improving your relationships.
– Discovering your vocation or social commitment. 

We believe that PRH can help you understand and know yourself better, and to find your true path to move forward and succeed in your life.

By stopping and questioning themselves, persons get to gradually know and understand what enables them to accelerate the natural process of unfolding of one’s personality. Short term, they benefit from positive results in their personal and relational lives, become more conscious of who they are and can refer to interior resources and glean new perspectives for their lives.

PRH is a psycopedagogy. That is a pedagogy based on psychological research concerning persons and their growth. It exists since 1970, on the 5 continents. This psycopedagogy aims at the global development of persons. It values self-discovery and personal work as well as workshops for groups and individual accompaniment. The work is focused on potentialities and their actualisation. PRH training is not recommended for persons who are seriously perturbed except on the advice of their doctor or psychiatrist.

PRH professionals are persons who have journeyed through an in-depth personal growth process.  They acquired specific training through the PRH school, over above their previous training. They are motivated to be at the service of persons, and they commit to on-going training. They live a passion for human beings which guides them and share the same values, respect for each person, as well as confidence in each one’s potential.

The fees vary from country to country where a sliding scale of fees is offered which takes into consideration person’s actual income when they request training. The aim is that it be accessible to all persons. It is an option that is coherent with our mission and our deep values.  

In order to obtain the fees charged for PRH workshops in a given country, contact a PRH professional in that country. 

The Educators are professionals who earn their living through their work.

Up until now, the workshops are given in person, because the pedagogy that we offer participants takes into consideration the aspect of group relationship. We attempt to create a climate of confidence and authenticity with persons so they can experience the work of self-discovery along with others, and listening to the diversity of persons. However, we are currently implementing on-line workshops while still respecting this pedagogy which is constructive for the work on oneself. 

Whether or not you look inside, whatever is there in you exists and will continue to be there. Therefore, looking at it directly and actually being aware of what is there, will give you the possibility of facing it more easily and to mobilize the resources of your personality to manage it better, without it dominating your life. The workshops will show you how to do this. Moreover, you will discover positive aspects of you which had heretofore been unknown. 

The individual accompaniment that we offer is oriented, first and foremost, to growth in order to actualize the dynamisms of the being and foster restoration of order which will allow for a more harmonious functioning in persons. 

We use the PRH method of analysis centred on internal sensations of a psychological type in order to discover something new about ourselves. 

Individual PRH accompaniment is part of an ensemble of means (workshops, accompaniment groups or follow-ups, self-training, etc.) and it is offered in collaboration with all the means listed above. 

PRH workshops are not theoretical courses. PRH education invites persons to listen to what is happening within oneself, starting from simple questions on a given topic. This analysis of what is experienced enables more awareness of self and allows persons to discover something new about themselves. The time for personal analysis is followed by the possibility to share one’s lived experience in the group and this has a life-giving effect by the very fact of affirming oneself before others. It is essential that respect and freedom be lived for each person.